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Color Analysis: Discover Your Season (With Personalized Palette)

26 reviews
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📌Do you want to have your signature colors?
📌you’re confused as to why certain things don’t look good on you?
📌do you want your skin, eyes hair to glow through the items of clothing you’re wearing?
📌Do you want to turn heads without any effort?

I will make this possible, with a section of colors that match YOU and YOU only.

Why should you purchase a color analysis?

Because wearing colors can actually make (and break) your appearance. When we wear the right colors for our complexion, they bring out our best features: our eyes will sparkle and our hair will appear luminous. But when we wear the wrong colors — they emphasize our WORST features. Dark under-eye circles? Hyperpigmentation, redness, or acne scarring?

🎁 The full package includes:

✅Analysis walkthrough: testing methods explained.
✅Wardrobe guidance.
✅Jewellery tips.
✅Hair advice.
✅Beauty tips.
✅Colors to avoid.
✅Your best colors.

The wrong colors can make flaws stand out more, can make you look grey, ashy, dull and washed out.

Vibrance is what we are looking to achieve, to make us glow with the colors we surround ourselves with every day.

You will receive a PDF file with your results and a brief explanation of each section.

Feel free to order, it will be a pleasure to work together.

Real customer reviews

26 reviews
100% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. Kristina Estes

    Delivered right on time and it was so thorough! I absolutely loved all the information she provided so that I could better understand my color. I had been attempting to type myself for a while now and decided it would be worth having someone else do it so I could know for sure. This is especially helpful since I’m looking to redo my wardrobe and invest in some key pieces while cutting down on shopping. Absolutely would recommend to anyone who wants to know their seasonal color.

  2. Laura Duchen

    Loved my color analysis! Immediately bought an analysis for my husband and texted my friend the link. So affordable for what you get – I was about to spend $300 on a comparable product. So glad I found this!

  3. Tabitha Shiree

    I was very pleased with the all the information I received from my analysis. Definitely helped me understand the best colors for me and why certain colors just didn’t feel right in the past. I loved the way the analysis was laid out. Very easy to read. I received it within the allotted turn around time. Definitely recommend!

  4. Carly Lawrence

    I am so happy I finally got my color analysis done at a reasonable price, and with such great detail. Kasey did such an amazing job and I definitely recommend booking an analysis with her!

  5. Rebecca Wire

    I was really happy with how the Color Analysis went. I really appreciated the extra time Kacey took to ensure the pictures I sent her would work well with the lighting issues I was having. I am excited to use the analysis to style myself in ways that work best for me. Thanks so much, Kacey!

  6. Parfait Fantasy

    Loved my color analysis! So helpful to have solid colors to look at when shopping. The report was very thorough with wonderful explanations. Highly recommend!!!

  7. Angela Nordstrom

    Delivered quickly and provided so much detail! Would definitely recommend this for anyone interested in their colors and color season 🙂

  8. Leslie

    Highly recommended! Kasey was prompt and friendly and the info she gave me was incredible! I’ve started buying a few pieces that work for my palette and I’m excited to start implementing them into my wardrobe!

  9. Sabrina Sadr

    I absolutely love my colour analysis report as it was so detailed and comprehensive!♥️ I found out I’ve been wearing the wrong make up which it makes sense as I knew it didn’t sit right..! I could not recommend Kasey enough, the customer service was amazing- highly recommend to all, A+++😊

  10. Paria

    Very excited to get this. I guess I was an autumn and girl I was WRONG. I’m a true winter. The guide she wrote did an excellent job guiding me through why I was a true winter even though I look yellow. I’ve dressed more in true winter colors and look great! Thank you so much for this!

  11. Erin Soule

    I was very pleased with this purchase and with the specificity of the analysis Kasey made! The results came very quickly and I had a great experience, I cannot recommend Kasey’s services enough!

  12. Yelena

    Incredibly detailed and informative. My PDF arrived perfectly within the timeframe she has notated. My analysis is spot on and it’s a plus that I was able to save money, rather than spending hundreds with house of colours for example. I highly recommend!

  13. Jaclyn Boffice

    I bought this for my husband so that when he makes bigger purchases like suits and dress shirts online we will be less likely to have unpleasant surprises. I kept trying to pick colours for him that are my natural colours. This should help!

  14. Angela Haak

    Kasey did a tremendous and thorough job finding my color season! I’ve been researching PCA for the past 1 or so and I’ve been so stuck on what my palette would be! I’d always been drawn to colors on the Warm Autumn palette even before doing my research and apparently my gut instinct was right, I’m a Warm Autumn!! The pdf she sent is so comprehensive, helpful, and she delivered in a very time manner! Thank you, so much! I definitely recommend this whether you’re brand new to color analysis or just stuck and need help finding your season!

  15. sophie

    I’m thoroughly impressed with Kasey’s report. She delivered it within five business days, as promised. The report itself was well researched, and I loved that she used all of the pictures of me that I’d sent her. Her analysis determined that I’m a Warm (or True) Autumn, which surprised me at first. I thought I was more of a summer since I’m fairly neutral, but as I read through the report and her reasoning, I found I agreed with it. I noticed that I’m naturally drawn to the autumn type colors, and autumn is my favorite time of the year. Now I’m looking for wardrobe inspiration haha. I have been wanting to get my colors done but the stylists in my area are charging 100’s of dollars and that’s just not feasible at this time. I felt this was just as good as going to a stylist in person. I highly recommend this service.

  16. Jennifer Houser

    Received in 5 business days, the report was very detailed and included a lot of helpful information, would recommend it!

  17. Ellie Zimmerman

    Such a great experience! I’d been trying to color type myself for ages and it was so hard to see myself objectively, especially since my hair is not its natural color. Kasey was responsive and helpful, and gave me a detailed report that I think made total sense. I’m excited to use this to help shape my makeup, hair, and wardrobe purchases in the future.

  18. Sara Kruszka

    I was in the color analysis rabbit hole for a while, but couldn’t objectively analyze myself. After doing my own research, I was stuck between two sub-seasons. I decided to bring in an expert. I didn’t want to share what season I thought I was; I wanted to determine if I was even in the right ball park. I checked out a variety of professional analysts, and decided to go with Kasey due to her stellar reviews and competitive pricing. I’m so glad I did! Kasey’s expertise was enlightening. Her report was detailed and timely. It’s really incredible to get the confirmation I was looking for.

  19. Brenda McShane

    I had no idea I was a deep winter/cooler palate! I was always disappointed when attempting to wear pastels or warmer colors that I thought I should wear based on my brown/tan complexion. Kasey was able to help me figure out that cool, deeper colors work best and when I think about pieces I love in my closet, they are cooler tones. Very happy with Kasey’s services and would recommend it to anyone looking for a little more guidance – especially if you’re in the process of updating your wardrobe like me!

  20. Maya Patel

    My color analysis was the best experience. Kasey was so wonderful & helpful! She emailed me right away letting me know she got my photos, and answering some of the questions I had. My PDF came shortly after & answered so many questions I’ve had, with not only my palette but my sister palette, makeup shade suggestions I had asked for, & celebrities with the same season for reference!! All of this digitally through photos I had sent her! 💗💗💗

  21. Diana S

    I’m really surprised by the result of my colour analysis. I’ve always thought I would be a deep autumn or winter but it turns out I’m a shaded summer! I always thought summers would be more grey toned and look good in pastel colours (which I don’t) but Kasey’s explanation makes a lot of sense, I look best in the darker colours of the summer palette.Thanks

  22. Sasha

    Kasey delivered well, on time, and is quite responsive. I received the product as promised at every page, and her explanations are clear even when I asked questions after receiving my results. I sent her DIY drapes with the request of recommending my best colors, and she did include them in my profile! Thank you so much 🙂

  23. Solange Massee

    I’m so so happy I did this! Kasey’s analysis made so much sense to me! I had used a color analysis tool and had gotten three different results and needed some help really figuring it out! I’m on the cusp with cool undertones and warm overtones which is why it made the process so confusing for me. Kasey’s explanation helped SO much! I feel way more confident really fine tuning my makeup/wardrobe to harmonize with me and it makes sense why I feel washed out in some of the warm muted tones I’m prone to buying, but weren’t making me feel my best. I would 100% recommend Kasey’s color analysis to anyone!

  24. sherafina maya

    I am fascinated with my color analysis! It is exciting to know what colors work best for you. Now I understand why is it that some colors didnt convince me, I didnt feel like I looked good and I think it was because the colors never complemented me. Now I feel excited that I know which colors I look better in💖

  25. Rebekah White

    Kasey was amazingly helpful! I had was stuck between analyzing myself as either a soft autumn or soft summer and it was confirmed that I’m mostly soft autumn! I’ve been feeling off lately with my hair color and outfit choices. Kasey’s analysis has made me feel joyful again about my color choices and I feel beautiful! 🙂

  26. Elaine Davis

    I am so glad that I went with Bella Figura Style for my color analysis. Her explanations are very helpful and explain why some clothes just felt right on me and others didn’t. Some of my favorite clothing items fit right in with my color palette. I loved these items not necessarily for the style or comfort of the items, but for how they made me feel and now I understand why. There have been times when I would put on clothes that were not in my palette and just never felt right in them. I would put on a bit more mascara or a different color lipstick because my face just felt off. Now I know that it was the color, not my face, that was the problem! I will probably still wear my favorite black clothes though—they do make me feel great even though they are not in my palette!

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